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We are your go to assessment, evaluation, feasibility study and opinion polling service provider in East Africa.

Assessments & Surveys

This is a broad category to describe any research activity a client may require, from household level snapshots to panel surveys at population level. As international development aid increasingly emphasizes private sector actors in interventions, social research use by NGOs is becoming more common. Likewise, as Internet and media penetration continues to increase across East Africa, media monitoring envelops a broad range of data collection activities in this category.

Baseline Evaluations

Baseline evaluations provide crucial metrics to determine service allocations and most importantly to provide a base for future evaluations to measure against. Without sound indicators and accompanying baseline values, measuring project success over the project cycle is difficult at best.

Opinion Polling

Particularly relevant but not limited to the political arena, opinion polls can be tailored to target highly specific groups within communities, or can sample wide swaths of regional populations to provide valuable public opinion on topical matters.

Mid-Term Evaluations

In a mid-term evaluation, M&E teams measure indicators against baseline values to determine project efficacy according to the work plan. This feedback is vital to reiterative programs as it can inform the client if changes are necessary to the interventions to improve outcomes.

End-Line Evaluations

This evaluation measures project success at higher levels of the project log frame, providing concrete measurements against baseline values in addition to comprehensive reporting in terms of top-line impact and sustainability.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are a method of exploring project potential before the client commits to execution. In a feasibility study, qualitative and quantitative data collection exercises are conducted to gauge all manner of factors affecting project success according to the client’s need. Sampling targets may include potential beneficiaries, community members, and upstream actors like local or federal governments.

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